Shorts matches you with stories you're most likely to like, fast.


Non-Stop Stories for Non-Stop Readers


Be your own editor and choose only what you like


Only invited writers can invite other to publish


No search, no pre-settings needed. Just start reading


Unique way to read, share and interact

What's Shorts?

Shorts is a social matcher of short stories, that you're most likely to like, fast, based on your
reading preferences, friends' recommendations, and favorite writers

Why Shorts?

Because it's hard to find good stories to read online, which are short enough to fit our busy
lifestyle, and that it doesn't take forever to search for

How Shorts Solves It?

Shorts learns your reading preferences (no pre-settings needed) and matches you with really
short stories you're most likely to like, in a fun reading experience, which is dedicated for
enjoyable breaks in our busy lifestyle

How short are the stories?

Short enough to read on-the-go, or in just few seconds - in those little breaks that you just
want a little of the magic of a book – in a (really) short literal text

What can I do here?

You can be your own editor by creating personal reading "playlists" made of your favorite
stories, writers, and friends' recommendations – which you can export into personal eBooks
a/o podcast files

So what's social about it?

Beside cool sharing features, you can also meet new "People Like Me" who has similar
reading preferences as yours - and interact with them

Can I publish my stories with Shorts?

Only invited writers can invite other writers to publish their stories in Shorts. Please fill in
Shorts' Application Form to let us know you're interested

What's in-it for writers?

Data-based exposure to a bigger and more diverse audience, direct messaging to followers,
professional statistics to get your writing better, promotional tools, and much, much more!

Can writers make money?

Our business plan includes revenues share with writers, based on feedbacks given by their

I'm looking for a cool start-up to join

Amazing. We're actually looking for great people to join our amazing journey into the
promising and exciting social-publishing world. Please check this page out, to see what we're
looking for right now

When Shorts is going to be launched?

We're testing our Matching Algorithm in Israel and we'll be ready to launch our international
version pretty soon. Contact us if you want we let you know when we're coming

it's time for the quality little break
you've been waiting for...

Shorts. Keep The Story Going.

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